Leftist Woman Takes In Muslim Man As Her CHEF – 1 Guess What Happened Next…

by Warner Todd Huston | August 27, 2016 4:22 pm

In another story in the annuls of stupid liberals reaping what they sow, we get the tale of a foolish woman in Sweden who fell for the lies that so-called Muslim “refugees” only want a western liberal to give them a cushy job in order to shed their barbaric ways and become a useful member of society.

A woman in Östersund, Sweden thought she was being “compassionate” and hired an Ethiopian “refugee” as her personal cook. As the newspaper the FriaTider reported[1], she thought things were going great because she said the “refugee” had taken to speaking to her as if she were his “older female relative.”

But it wasn’t long, though, before she was disabused of this notion that her new “cook” was a happy, well adjusted new Swedish citizen. One day when the two were alone in the woman’s home this “migrant” attacked her.

The Muslim “refugee” beat her up, dragged her to her own bedroom in her own home, then raped her.

Police reported that the attack was so brutal the elderly woman and her clothing were left “very bloody.”

Naturally, the so-called “refugee” insisted that it was all a big mistake and the old woman who brought him into her house wanted to be treated that way. He testified it was all consensual.

Fortunately, the legal system sided with the victim — something one cannot be assured of these days in the west. This “refugee” was convicted of rape and given a three-year prison sentence. He was also ordered deported and barred from the country for ten years after his prison sentence is over. Why they would let him back at all is a question only a liberal member of a government can answer.

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