Rashid Polo, Righteous Young Crusader Against Storekeepers Who Don’t Like Being Robbed

The bizarre moral inversion implicit in progressivism has become so engrained in our culture, people hardly even notice it anymore. Here’s an example:

Footage of shop workers following a black teenager because they ‘presume he’s stealing’ have become a viral sensation after being shared more [than] 20,000 times.

The two videos posted on Vine by Rashid Polo show him walking around convenience stores with ‘racist’ employees behind keeping a close eye on his movements.

During the clips, they appear to check the shelf Rashid has just browsed, making sure everything is still there.

But when he pans the camera and catches the employees, they quickly change their tact and act as if they are simply straightening Dorito bags, flipping hot dogs or rearranging displays.

Some of them are seen running off and hiding behind the shelves to avoid suspicion.

That is, to avoid being suspected of trying to prevent shoplifting in their stores.

But their furtiveness proved useless. Now they have been exposed to the world as thought criminals.

Rashid decided to record the shopping experiences after employees repeatedly trailed him.

With his second video, he posted a message saying: ‘It happened again… this time I’m not even mad… I’m used to it now.’

It’s too bad that Rashid isn’t mad. He should be furious – not at storekeepers for trying to protect their livelihood, but at the thieves who have given his race a bad name with a parasitical entitlement mentality according to which they have a right to steal other people’s property.

The entitlement mentality goes beyond the thievery that makes life so difficult for storekeepers. Not only are certain people supposedly entitled to steal to make up for historical injustice or whatever, the owners of the property are not allowed to notice who is doing it, much less object. They are supposed to sit frozen in terror of being denounced as “racists” as young hoodlums rob them blind.

From the liberal point of view, when storekeepers surreptitiously keep an eye on someone who is acting suspicious and looks similar to people who steal from them on a regular basis, it is done out of pure racial malice. But if the point were to hurt anyone’s feelings, why would they be secretive about it?

Rashid exposes the cowering racist storekeepers.

On a tip from Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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