Watch How Quickly a Seemingly Disturbed Man Gets Tackled by Good Samaritans at a Texas Airport After a Shocking Assault [Video]

God bless Texas, cowboys, good Samaritans and cops who are great at their jobs. This is what happens if you are a deranged, possibly high, wacko and you attack an innocent man at an airport in Texas. You get dog-piled and taken down by men who don’t stand for that kind of crap in the Lone Star state. After kicking and punching a man, while throwing gay slurs at him, this big, good ole’ boy gets a lesson in manners, Texas style.

From The Blaze:

Intense video of good Samaritans and a police officer taking down an unruly man who physically assaulted a traveler at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport earlier this week is going viral — and it’s easy to see why.

The unidentified suspect was caught on video proclaiming that he was “upset” about “queers,” hurling other anti-gay slurs at an individual, and physically attacking the same man. Bystanders immediately jumped in to defend the victim and the suspect was pinned to the ground until a police officer could handcuff the man.

“You ain’t doing that s**t, motherf***er!” one man is heard screaming at the attacker.

It wasn’t immediately clear what sparked the confrontation or if the man is mentally disturbed.

I loved the closing by the brothers who recorded this. Expressing Christian sentiments, one of them spoke of the man hopefully being under the influence, otherwise, he has a long journey ahead of him if this is his true personality. I agree… the man needs to get right with his Maker and get his life straightened out. Making a scene in an airport, hurting others and then cursing and screaming awful things is a sure way to get arrested and possibly get a long vacation in a room with padded walls and a different kind of drug.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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