Another MODERATE Muslim Refugee in Idaho is Arrested for Sexual Assault – Obama Silent

by Warner Todd Huston | August 14, 2016 5:01 pm

You may have heard the story of three Muslim “refugees” who raped a mentally challenged child in Idaho — not that the media wants you to hear about it. Well, a man who the media claimed was a “moderate” Muslim only months ago is now under arrest for a separate rape of a mentally challenged woman in the same city. Will the media report this one?

Here on RightWingNews, columnist Michelle Malkin reported on the June 7 rape[1] of the mentally challenged child. And during the initial reporting on the incident the media used a local Muslim man named Mohammed Hussein Ibraheim Eldai who was claiming he was a member of the so-called “moderate” Muslims in Idaho who stood against rape. He was featured in a KMVT piece showing Muslims condemning rape. The piece was titled, “We do not agree with those people doing bad things.”

But maybe it depends on the definition of “bad.”

Now, as Breitbart News reports[2], that same man has been arrested for committing a rape.

A Muslim Twin Falls man arrested over the weekend and charged with sexually assaulting a mentally retarded woman was quoted by local media in June as representative of Muslims opposing “bad things” and bemoaning the fact that the “picture of Muslims is getting worse.”

As reported by Breitbart News yesterday, Mohammed Hussein Ibraheim Eldai was arrested Saturday and charged Monday in an incident involving a mentally retarded woman.

Court documents say Eldai brought the woman to his house where he made her a drink. She told police Eldai touched her and exposed himself to her while he kept the victim in his bedroom.

Police then made contact with Eldai who, according to court documents, admitted to touching and exposing himself to the victim with the intention of having intercourse with her.

Officers placed him under arrest and transported him to the Twin Falls County Jail where he is being held on $10,000 bond. His preliminary hearing is set for August 19th.

Maybe raping mentally challenged women isn’t “bad” to Muslims like Eldai? As a liberal might say, who are we to question his culture? Why, it’s just as good as ours!

Oh, and take a guess on whether or not this will become a national story…

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