EPIC ALERT! School Banned His 2nd Amendment Yearbook Photo, So He Submitted One Even Better…

EPIC ALERT! School Banned His 2nd Amendment Yearbook Photo, So He Submitted One Even Better…

Just so wickedly awesome! A high school senior named Josh Renville in North Dakota had his yearbook photo denied because he was holding a gun in it. I thought the photo was just fine and in fact was patriotic. But the school decided to wet themselves and go uber politically correct, so they nixed it. Well, Josh has come back with an even better photo with a bald eagle on his shoulder complimenting the American flag. Take that you Progressive twits! Fargo North High School should be ashamed of themselves. Censoring constitutionally protected rights may be fashionable under the Obama administration, but it speaks poorly for the character of that school and those involved.


From Mad World News:

A South Dakota senior was beside himself after being told that his patriotic yearbook photo was being denied because he was holding a firearm. Fortunately for him, he’s since hit back hard by submitting a replacement photo – and it’s as American as it gets.

Mad World News reported back in early December of Josh Renville and his unfortunate ordeal. For those unaware, Josh was told by Fargo North High School that his senior yearbook photo was not being accepted because he was holding a firearm. Last time we checked, a photo never killed anyone, but that hasn’t stopped this school’s irrational fear of patriotic photography.

Josh’s father had this to say: “We have school officials including [the superintendent] who are promoting their political agenda. They should be remaining neutral. The original picture, there was nothing legally wrong with that picture. You can say it’s in poor taste, but that’s your personal opinion.” I absolutely agree. This kid is as patriotic and American as they come and I’m proud of him. I’m sick to death of political agendas ruling over our every move and people being perpetually offended no matter what you do. Get over it already. The Constitution gives us unalienable rights as Americans. But being offended isn’t one of them.


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