Home Depot Again Supports Immersing Children in Homosexual Depravity

The campaign to introduce children to the appallingly depraved homosexual lifestyle marches on — with continued support from Home Depot:

The home-improvement giant has sponsored yet another “gay” pride event and provided children’s craft workshops “in the midst of loud and boisterous gay activities” at the 2010 Southern Maine Pride Festival in Portland, Maine, according to the American Family Association.

The point of the workshops: to encourage people to bring children. For an idea of what the phrase “loud and boisterous” can mean in the context of “gay activities,” the strong of stomach are referred to Zombietime.

Home Creepo goes out of its way to associate itself with publicly flaunted homosexual depravity:

In photos of the June 19 Maine festival, Home Depot’s logo can be spotted on plastic cups, “My toy store” bumper stickers and aprons. People wearing Home Depot aprons sat on a float above a large and prominently placed placard of a Home Depot orange race car. …

Photos of the event [Warning: parental discretion advised] from various photographers show scantily clad men dressed only in brightly colored underwear briefs or unbuttoned shorts as they celebrated aboard parade floats.

Other men dressed in flamboyant women’s clothing, and one impersonating a Catholic nun marched and carried a sign that read, “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.”

This isn’t the first time Home Depot has encouraged participation by children in these pageants of perversity:

In 2009, Home Depot contributed more than $5,000 to the Nashville Gay Pride festival, One News Now reported. The retailer also conducted the children’s craft workshops at a special booth there.

According to the report, Home Depot has sponsored similar children’s activities at homosexual affairs in Atlanta, Kansas City, Durham, Portland and San Diego.

The company explains that “celebrating diversity and practicing inclusion” — i.e., ramming politically correct degeneracy down the public’s throat — are “necessary to stay competitive” because “today’s market is as diverse as it’s ever been.”

Someone get the word to the militant moonbats in charge that today’s market is so diverse, it even includes decent normal people disgusted by our liberal rulers’ attempts to turn America into Sodom.

At least the spectacle in Portland didn’t include a 10-year-old sex toy as Grand Marshal.

The moral of the story: shop at Lowe’s.

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