This Is What Leftist Thugs Are Willing To Do To SILENCE Voters – WARNING: Very Disturbing Footage

This Is What Leftist Thugs Are Willing To Do To SILENCE Voters – WARNING: Very Disturbing Footage

Just freaking wow. I’m a Cruz supporter and have my own issues with Trump… but after seeing this, I’d have no problem voting for him to keep these Marxists out. It’s stunning. Talk about hate-filled rhetoric led by a terrorist like Bill Ayers. If I have to choose between Trump and the left… it’s a no-brainer. These asshats want a violent revolution from below and they don’t give a damn about elections. Ayers is in the video, stating, “Elections don’t change history, what changes history are popular movements from below.” ‘From below’ is appropriate… on the dedication page of Saul Alinsky’s book Rules For Radicals, it says “…[to] the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.” Trump isn’t Hitler… but these leftists are certainly evil.

Bill Ayers

From Mad World News:

A video shot during a Donald Trump campaign rally is going viral, and it shows the extend professional leftist thugs will go to silence the American voter and hijack our country. Well-known radical communists, who are rallying young Bernie Sanders supporters into spewing violent threats at Trump and his supporters, were identified at the rally, and what was captured is shocking many Americans.

As the video depicts, the far left is threatening an armed revolution “from below,” telling us that “elections don’t matter.” Professional film makers decided to make the video, showing the growing backlash against those who support Trump and his pro-American views. If Trump is anything, he is as a proud American who wants to bring strength back to the US. This outrages the left, and well-known leftist thug Bill Ayers is in the video making veiled threats.

Per Mad World News, in this video, you have old white people (1960’s far left agitators) identifying themselves as communists, who are there as paid protesters. They are whipping up the useful idiots, otherwise known as the young college aged kids, into aggressive thugs who threaten the Trump supporters. America is angry. And if these leftists keeping pushing Trump supporters, they will almost assuredly push back at some point and off we go. These communists want riots and chaos in the streets. Most of them in the video are Bernie Sanders supporters, but Hillary’s are there too. This is the radical face of the left and the devil would love it.

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