This Marine Just OBLITERATED Obama – Here’s Why It’s Going Viral

This Marine Just OBLITERATED Obama – Here’s Why It’s Going Viral

(A special thank you goes out to DC Gazette, which originally published this Marine’s fantastic letter. Make sure to check them out!)

I can feel this Marine’s rage all the way down deep in my bones. Tonight, Barack Obama will give his final State of the Union address and instead of honoring our military heroes as they traditionally are by having one of them seated with the President, Obama will have a Syrian Muslim refugee sitting with his wife. What an insult. People are being butchered here and abroad by Islamists and Obama doesn’t shed a tear for one American, one Christian who is shot, beheaded or crucified. Instead he weeps because he can’t strip Americans of their constitutional right to bear arms. He rages because he can’t bring in even more Islamists. This is why Americans despise the man. We mourn our dead while Obama grovels before Iran’s mullahs and schmoozes with terrorists. We honor our military heroes while he idolizes stone cold Islamic killers and rapefugees.


From Mad World:

As Barack Obama enters into his last year as a resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Mike Shepard decided to pen an open letter to the president. In it, Shepard outlines Obama’s misuse of power, but it goes such much deeper than that. Shepard’s letter is full of emotion from a Marine who has witnessed unimaginable things – abominations in the eyes of a civilized world.


Racked with anger over many incidences of evil incarnate, Obama’s continued failed policies, and his lying to the American people, Shepard’s feelings are raw, like a bleeding wound. Here are significant parts of the letter, written after Obama shed “tears” during his gun control press conference:

Mr. Obama, you are surrounded by those who only say things you wish to hear. Your tears were nothing more than a creation to justify political agenda. Your advisors should remind you of the things our people cry about. On Sept. 25, 2014 Colleen Hufford, a 54-year-old grandmother and worker at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Okla., was murdered With a kitchen knife, by an Islamic terrorist. She was beheaded for not converting to Islam and we never witnessed a tear from your eyes. On July 16, 2015 five Americans were killed by an Islamic terrorist Mohammad Abdulazeez and again followed by no tears. This country mourned and I had to go on Fox to ask this country to lower their flags. — via Allen B. West

The Marine continues:

You insult the memory of those children who died at Sandy Hook with your fake tears. If you truly care about children why must my brothers ignore the screams of little boys [referring to Marines overseas assigned to Sharia law areas]. Those little boys being raped in the night because you say it’s the culture in which they live. It’s not in the culture of Marines to allow harm to another man’s child. It’s not in the American culture to allow men to beat their wives. — via Allen B. West

Obama is deaf to the screams of children and women who are raped at will by these monsters. As in Germany, he will turn his back and allow women to be raped because they weren’t modest enough for the Religion of Peace. This is evil and it is what Obama embraces and has brought to our country.

Your friend hides behind the costume of a reverend [Rev. Jeremiah Wright] chanting death to all cops. We mourn of our police, while your reverend influenced their death. The American people live by the constitution in which you and I have sworn to protect. Your tears do not justify nor give you the right to make your own laws through executive action. If we wanted a dictator the descendants of King George would still control this land. I wrote your wife a letter and told her just what I say to you.

If you don’t like the constitution you are free to resign and take a one-way trip out. Our forefathers gave their lives defending the constitution that your tears will never erase. Your lies got you elected, but your actions have lost our respect. I pray that one day you and the rest of Washington remember that God gave you ears to listen, and the people a voice to be heard. I pray for you daily that you might find joy in another country so you no longer bring misery to ours. God bless you sir, as I pray you start doing your job, Shep #Marine4Truth. — via Allen B. West

Obama has done what he came to do. Next stop is the UN for him. He hates America just as the Reverend Wright does, just as all his sycophants do. This is why this election is the most important one of our lifetime. If Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is elected, we are through as a constitutional republic. We must elect an anti-establishment conservative to start to undo some of the damage from the Marxists and Islamists. Trump and Cruz fit the bill. This is the turning for America and it is our ‘do or die’ moment. Vote wisely or lose it all America.

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