If Abortion Funding Is Banned: Life In DUmmie World

Just to make sure you are starting your day with your eyes popped open and your jaw on the floor, I bring you Da Cwazy from a DUmmie calling herself (maybe himself, it is a DUmmie, after all,) Liberty Belle


The ban on federal funds for abortions is based on a religious morality, not science and certainly not any concern for women’s health. Where’s the concern for a woman carrying a baby with no brain stem, or some other incurable condition? If we are to allow women’s reproductive rights to be dictated by religious Christian extremists, then why not also allow the following:

Ban funds for vasectomies: These are birth control, and Catholics believe that’s a sin.

Prohibit money for Viagra: This encourages fornication, another sin. Accept impotence as God’s will.

No funds for implanting pig valves in human hearts: Muslims and Jews believe pigs are unclean creatures.

No circumcisions: Some religions don’t believe in this procedure, either.

No medical treatment for anybody at federal expense, since Christian Scientists don’t believe in medical care, period.

But let’s not stop there. How about cutting out funding for anything a religious or other minority doesn’t believe in — not just healthcare?

Quakers don’t believe in war. No more money for fighting them. (except that defense is actually in the Constitution, unlike abortion on demand)

Hindus don’t believe in eating beef. No subsidies for the cattle industry.

The Amish don’t believe in mechanization. No money for government-run fleets of vehicles or Amtrak.

Church of Christ members believe dancing is sinful, along with music from instruments other than the human voice. Stop funding wickedness through the National Endowment for the Arts.

Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe in celebrating holidays or birthdays. No more federal paid days off for Christmas, Thanksgiving, President’s Day, etc.

Deists believe the natural world is sacred. No more federal funds for destroying the earth – ban funds for logging, strip-mining, or anything that pollutes our holy earth.

Libertarians and neo-con Republicans believe public services should be privatized to save tax dollars. Stop funding firefighting, police protection, libraries and public schools.

Anarchists don’t believe in government. No more funding anything–not even salaries for Congress!

I started putting comments next to each one, then decided to leave Da Cwazy to stand on its own, except for one. Leave it too a DUmmie to completely miss the point and go truly overboard. And, of course, so many DUmmies commented with things like “great post!” and “yup, yup!” Though, I though the one that said “BAN POSTS IN ALL CAPS, TOO!” was pretty awesome.

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