AP Reporter Slams Obama on Fall of Iraq: ‘People Predicted This Would Happen’

This is an odd occurrence. A reporter from the Associated Press actually gave an Obama official a hard time on something instead of just slavishly swallowing everything Obama tosses out there. It was AP reporter Matt Lee who pressed an Obama official on why the President has allowed Iraq to be overtaken by terrorists–he noted that people have been warning that Obama’s policies would lead to this failure.

You don’t often see a reporter asking the hard questions of Obama and his cohorts, but this time one did, and it was a guy from the AP, no less.

On Thursday, State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki attempted to explain why Iraq is falling into the hands of terrorists once again and how, after efforts to create stability in Iraq by American soldiers, our withdrawal from Iraq was “not a mistake.”

In a tense press conference that entailed a back-and-forth with Associated Press correspondent Matt Lee, Psaki kept to the party line of the Obama Administration and attempted to defend the decision to withdraw from Iraq as the right call.

“Obviously, the withdrawal from Iraq in 2011 was not a mistake,” Psaki asserted.

“So there are- there were factors that we could not have predicted five years ago- six years ago,” Psaki also said.

Pointing out the obvious, Lee shot back, “Right, but I mean, some people did predict that complete withdrawal, the withdrawal that happened in 2011, would lead to something like this.”

Congrats to Mr. Lee for accidentally turning into a real reporter for a few seconds. I’ll bet he is as surprised as everyone else is.

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