Bill Clinton irked he doesn’t get same respect as Ronald Reagan

Former President: Bill Clinton: is down in the dumps and a little bit jealous these days. You see, his fellow Democrats don’t show him the same degree ofrespect: that Republicans give to the late: Ronald Reagan.

Bubba’s case of the green-eyed monster directed at the Gipper is all laid out in a New York Times Sunday Magazine piece, which was available Friday online, according to the: Washington Examiner.

“People close to Bill Clinton have told me repeatedly that it irks them that Democrats don’t talk about the dignified, slimmed-down, silver-haired former president with the same reverence Republicans give Ronald Reagan,” Amy Chozick wrote for the Times.

The Examiner reported:

She described tensions between those in Hillary Clinton’s orbit, and those in her husband’s. She also suggest that the former president is aware that his legacy could be impacted by his wife, and also that he hasn’t been cheerleading her potential run, according to insiders.

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“According to those people, Bill Clinton, who is conscious of the demands of a presidential race and what another loss would do to his own legacy and philanthropic work, is deferential about whether his wife should run,” The Times article states. “When people shout at him that they’re ready for Hillary, he simply responds with a ‘Thank you,’ rather than asking for their support as he did leading up to the 2008 campaign. (That doesn’t mean he’s not curious. When Ready for Hillary held a seminar for donors at Le Parker Meridien hotel last fall to discuss what it would take to win in 2016, Bill Clinton personally checked in with an attendee to ask what was being discussed and who was there).”

And Hillary Clinton’s supporters aren’t totally happy that she’s linked to her husband.

“Denizens of Hillaryland often express exasperation that even after successfully serving in the Senate and as secretary of state, their boss is still so closely identified with her husband,” The Times said. “‘It’s my pet peeve when they’re described as an entity,’ Geoffrey Garin, who stepped in as a chief strategist after Mark Penn’s disastrous run in ’08, told me. ‘Obviously they are married and do things together, but they are two separate people with two separate identities in political life.”

By the way, that New York Times Magazine piece is titled, “Planet Hillary.” Scour its 5,500-plus words all you like, but there are two you won’t find in it: “Libya” and “Benghazi.”

So why does Bubba, like Rodney Dangerfield, “get no respect?”

Um, I’m thinking that being impeached by the House for obstruction of justice and two counts of perjury could have had something to do with it. Then again, being serviced by an intern kneeling at his feet while he was on the phone with world leaders probably didn’t help either.

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