Child Prostitute Habit No Biggie for Robert Menendez

One advantage of being a Democrat politician is that, as Bill Clinton established, you are not required even to pretend to have any moral standards whatsoever. This allows a degenerate named Robert Menendez to get caught fornicating with child prostitutes without threatening his lucrative Senate career.

During unauthorized trips to the Dominican Republic, Menendez has reportedly rented the bodies of girls as young as 16. Whatever he pays them, it isn’t enough.

Two days after this became public knowledge, Menendez appeared on ABC’s This Week for an entire segment. Host Martha Raddatz never brought up the issue. The “mainstream” media is dropping the increasingly farcical charade that it is anything other than the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.

At least Menendez is doing right by the Dominican children he molested. He is part of a bipartisan cabal of Democrats and RINOs that has been scheming to try once again to ram amnesty down our throats. This will open the floodgates the rest of the way, allowing the last remaining Dominicans who aren’t already in the USA to come on in and climb aboard the welfare gravy train.

Horny corruptocrat Robert Menendez.

On tips from Bob Roberts, Wiggins, and Just TheTip. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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