Dick Durbin Declares War on Youth Football

Now that Obama is responsible for Club Gitmo, Dick Durbin is no longer denouncing as Nazis the American servicemen who obsequiously cater to the feces-flinging terrorists vacationing there. That has forced him to find a new cause – getting “Friday Night Tykes” off the air:

For Sen. Dick Durbin, even if there are clear eyes and full hearts on the Esquire Network’s “Friday Night Tykes,” the program, which follows Texas youth football teams, can’t win.

As awareness of concussions in sports – particularly youth football – is heightened, Durbin, in a letter sent Thursday, asked the network’s president to pull the show, writing that it “sends the opposite message and exploits these children for purely entertainment purposes.”

“I call on you to immediately end this shameful, dangerous display on your network” the Illinois Democrat wrote. “With all we know about the risks of concussions in youth sports today, it is unconscionable to televise and celebrate the conduct of a league that directly endangers the health of children.”

Lest anyone take his demagoguery even half seriously, let’s have it on the record that concussions are not prevalent among youth football players.

As Majority Whip, Durbin is appallingly the second most powerful Senator after Harry Reid. Rather than address the many serious problems facing this nation and the world, he devotes his time to attacking youth football.

Durbin does not like the show about 8- and 9-year-old football players because it “glorifies a culture of violent competitiveness.”

Here’s an idea for the Esquire Network that is sure to find favor with our liberal rulers. How about a transsexual version of “Toddlers & Tiaras”?

Durbin: What we have leading this country instead of men.

On a tip from Shawn R. Hat tip: Barstool Sports. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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