Drug Addicted and Poor in Eastern Europe Forced to Live Underground in Hidden Catacombs

American liberals always point to the smarter, better, more caring Europeans as the model for us to follow. But Eastern Europe’s destitute and diseased forgotten citizens might disagree with the claim that Europe is so much better and enlightened than we are as they are forced to live underground and shunned by society.

The Daily Mail has the story:

Once dubbed ‘The Paris of the East’, Romanian capital Bucharest is a city teeming with ornate architecture, Baroque palaces and tree-lined boulevards.

But beneath its mansions and squares lies a second city that no tourist gets to see – an underground kingdom of outcasts and drug addicts living in the city’s vast network of sewers.

Here, everyone is HIV-positive and a quarter have TB, yet they are left to rot in the darkness, huddling against heating pipes and snorting glue to stay warm.

At the head of this city of vice is one man, named Bruce Lee from his street-fighting days. A father, mentor and drug-dealer to all, he brings safety – and a bottomless supply of glue – to the ‘sewer children’ of Bucharest, many of whom have lived there since the fall of Communism two decades ago.

Now this underground society is exposed in a new film by Channel 4 News’ Paraic O’Brien, Jim Wickens & Radu Ciorniciuc.

And there you have it, the liberals in Europe treating their most vulnerable as trash. Nice.

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