Election 2012: Breaking It All Down

First off, congratulations to Mr. Obama for winning a second term.

However, if we look at the popular vote, this does not present a mandate. All together, we are looking a split of about 59 million for Barack to 57 million for Mitt. Doesn’t matter, because I truly expect Obama to mostly move even further to the left. My predictions

  • He pushes hard on amnesty for illegals, climate change (hoax) legislation, more financial sector crackdowns, and a “grand bargain” which is front loaded with tax increases with spending cuts coming much later. Whether the Senate will want to vote on the first two is about 60-40. They aren’t popular.
  • He’ll have a chance at perhaps 2 to 3 more Supreme Court justices, and it will be a big fight when he goes very far left in his picks
  • On the plus side, jihadis better watch out, because Obama loves picking “kill list” targets
  • It’ll be interesting to see if Obama gets really tough with Iran now that he is freed from worrying about his unhinged base, or, if he throws Israel under the bus even more
  • Will Obama push for an Israeli-Palestinian solution, based on the 1967 lines? Good chance he’ll talk about it, but, nothing will happen, because that requires work
  • Don’t expect moderation
  • Don’t expect spending cuts
  • Expect a big push for more “infrastructure” spending and wasteful “green” energy projects

We know that the GOP will retain control of the House, and the Democrats picked up a few seats in the Senate. The Senate races were, let’s face it, pathetic for the GOP, especially with Akin and Brown. As to the House, many are wondering if this is the end of Nancy Pelosi as the Dems leader in the House.

What does this tell us? It tells us that the GOP needs to stop being the nice guy in the room. They need to answer the wake up call and realize that there are too many Americans who are swayed but over the top ads, rhetoric, and assaults, people who won’t take the time to learn the truth, and the media will rarely correct Democrats, so, the GOP needs to go on the attack. Fight fire with fire. We also learned that Mitt was right, there is a “47%” which is beholden to Democrats through big Central Government Nanny State programs.

On the bright side, the GOP did pick up even more governor positions.

(CNN) Republicans flipped North Carolina, a state that hasn’t elected a GOP governor since the 1980s, expanding their national lead over Democrats at the statehouse level, according to CNN projections.

Eleven states held governors’ races Tuesday. Democrats were defending eights seats, Republicans three.

By early Wednesday, CNN had projected winners in all but two of the elections. Washington and Montana — both tight races — remain to be called.

With their expected wins in North Carolina and the states they were defending, Republicans will have 30 governorships nationwide — the highest number held by either party since 2000, according to the governors association. The all-time high for the GOP was 34 seats in the 1920s.

We’re still waiting on Washington and Montana, with Democrats holding on with a 2 percent lead in both at the moment. The GOP also holds quite a few, in part or whole, of the State legislatures. This is important for stopping the implementation of ObamaCare, EPA regulations, and other Central Government intrusion.

Michelle Malkin puts it in perspective

My counsel to you tonight: Please, do not be bitter. Do not fall prey to the Beltway blame game. Do not get mired in small things. Do not become vengeful creatures like our political opponents who voted out of spite instead of love of country.

We still have boundless blessings to count – and to secure.

After Kerry lost a close one to Bush in 2004, Democrats became even more unhinged. Conservatives can mope, whine, and go crazy, or they can simply get back to work, making sure we do all we can to block the fascistic Big Government ideas of Democrats. We make sure we hold on to the House in 2014, and pick up seats in the Senate. Work hard on the elected positions in your state. It’s an election, not the end of life. And make sure that Obama gets the blame he deserves. He has no one to blame after 4 years of being a SCOAM during his next 4.

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