Illinois Has Coolest July on Record, Cool Summer Leaves New Yorkers With ‘Disorders’

The Illinois state climatologist reported on Friday that the preliminary assessment of last month’s temperatures tied the record for the coolest July in recorded history but that as the data is further quantified it will likely break the record.

State Climatologist Jim Angel reported that the statewide average temperature in July was 70.3 degrees which tied the record low set in 2009.

July started with temperatures between 4 and 8 degrees below normal throughout the Midwest

The year 1936 came in as the hottest July with an average of 82.8 degrees. 2012 was the second warmest with readings of 81.8 degrees. July and August are usually the warmest months for the state.

“So in six years, we have experienced the 2nd warmest and twice the coldest July on record,” Angel, state climatologist since 1997, wrote.

Unfortunately for farmers, rain fall is a bit less than average for Illinois having averaged 3.4 inches, about a half an inch below the average.

Earlier in the month, at 65 degrees July 8th came in as the coolest July 8th in 118 years. The only colder on recorded was in 1891 when the temperature was measured at 61 degrees. By the 8th of this year it was the 12th time since Summer began that the daytime temperature had failed to reach 70 degrees.

Meanwhile across the country to the east, the big city of New York is claiming that this year’s cool Summer means citizens are ending up with SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

“Following the long, cold winter, they just expected a really long, hot summer, so they’re not seeing that,” Psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert said.

One would think that New Yorkers are supposed to be tougher than that. In Chicago they just shoot each other, so maybe everyone just moping around in New York isn’t so bad.

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