Juan Williams Is A Libertarian, Or Something

On the December 14 broadcast of Fox News’ Chasing In with Eric Bolling, contributor Juan Williams had a very important announcement: he’s a libertarian.

It should come as no surprise that almost everyone found this uproarious. : Host Eric Bolling also had his mind blown and responded to Juan saying, “no, no I can’t let you get away with that,”: especially since: Mr. Williams has been defending the president’s health care law.



Matt Vespa

Matt Vespa is a conservative blogger based in Virginia. Besides contributing to Right Wing News, Vespa writes for RedState, PJ Media, Independent Journal Review, and his personal blog Noodle Pundit. He's also the 2013 recipient of American for Prosperity Foundation's Andrew Breitbart Award For Excellence In Online Activism and Investigative Reporting

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