Leftist Congressman John Conyers Fails to Qualify, Put on Ballot Anyway by Obama Judge

One of the many advantages of restoring rule of law in this country is that we might finally be rid of corrupt ultra-left Detroit congressman John Conyers. But for the time being we are stuck with him, thanks to the oligarchs who run the judiciary on an ideological basis:

This election year, Democrat and longtime Congressman John Conyers did not satisfy Michigan election law by getting enough valid signatures on his nomination petitions, so the state ruled he did not qualify for the ballot. Now a federal judge has vacated the state’s decision and put Conyers back on the ballot.

This deed was accomplished by US District Judge Matthew Leitman, an Obama nominee who has been on the bench for only 2 months.

Citing Conyers’s “good intentions,” Judge Leitman said in his Friday afternoon ruling, “There is evidence that their failure to comply with the Registration Statute was the result of good faith mistakes and that they believed they were in compliance with the statute.”

That is liberalism in a nutshell. Consequences don’t matter; all that counts is “good intentions” — by which is usually meant leftist ideology. Conyers has more than enough of that to make up for his incompetence.

On May 9, Wayne County, Michigan, officials determined that Conyers was just over 500 signatures short of having enough to qualify for the ballot and suggested to the state election board that his name should be removed.

County and state officials determined that several of Conyers’s signature-gatherers did not legally qualify for the role, meaning that all the signatures they gathered were invalid. It was discovered that several of these campaign workers were not registered to vote in Michigan or did not live at the addresses that they gave to authorities, both violations of rules governing petition circulators.

But rules are for little people. Conyers is part of the ruling clique. So Obama’s man Leitman reversed Michigan’s ruling the same day, once again grinding states’ rights under the federal heel, and once again giving our electoral process a hard shove toward farce.

If Conyers actually manages to lose the election (unlikely in America’s most liberal city), Leitman or someone like him may need to step in again to overturn the results.

Incidentally, similar judicial tyranny has been used to attack the institution of marriage in the name of cultural Marxism and the gay agenda in California, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arkansas, Virginia, et cetera.

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