Look at What Was Caught on Tape as Hillary Celebrated Win in Nevada

Look at What Was Caught on Tape as Hillary Celebrated Win in Nevada

Gee, color me not surprised. I lived in Nevada for over 20 years. Trust me when I say that several things always hold true in politics there… it is a good ole’ boy network, the Dems rule the roost, there is ALWAYS voter fraud and money talks. It’s a given that Hillary Clinton’s crowd committed voter fraud there. In the video, you see Hillary supporters walking on by and not registering to caucus, which is NOT allowed by the Democratic Party there. “They’re letting them into the caucus right now without registering them,” a woman yelled, pointing out the breach of Democrat Party rules as people were allowed in to vote before being registered. However, even when the fraud was called out, election officials did nothing to stop it. Still not surprised.

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From Mad World News:

Hillary Clinton is surely celebrating her win in the Nevada caucuses on Saturday. However, the cheerfulness over her achievement might be coming to an abrupt halt after a video has emerged, showing what happened at one polling location. It’s bound to have Hillary pissed, as well as any red-blooded American who respects our nation’s electorial process.

Posted to his YouTube channel, it seems James Porter had his cellphone rolling at a polling location in the state when he caught blatant voter fraud on video. While corruption and Clintons seem to go hand in hand, the video is still enough to leave viewers dumbfounded by what election officials are willing to let pass to garner as many votes as possible.

The dishonest Democrats seemed unconcerned, and even attempted to justify their actions. “They’re going to do the count,” replied another woman. “They’re all going to be part of the count.” “But they’re not registered,” a man says. “They will register after this,” the woman replied. Somehow, that doesn’t make this all better or make it any more reassuring. The Nevada Democratic website states that caucus voters must be registered before being allowed to cast a ballot. This was obviously intentional and should have immediately nullified the votes that were cast for Hillary Clinton. I’m surprised Bernie Sanders isn’t screaming bloody murder over this since the race was so close there. The video description even points out, “It’s possible these people voting for Hillary aren’t even actually from Nevada.” And chances are many weren’t, but underhanded tricks abound during elections and Clinton claimed the win. This is dirty just like Hillary winning 6 to 8 coin tosses in Iowa was. She’s blatantly corrupt.

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