Mitt Romney: It’s Time To Rebuild

Mitt Romney: It’s Time To Rebuild

To all the small business owners, I would like to thank you. : You create 3/4 of all the new jobs in America. : You are the foundation that allowed entrepreneurship : and innovation : to flourish in America. : As a result, we’re at the head of the geopolitical table. : As a person who comes from a family that owned a small business, we were blessed with success through my dad’s hard work, sacrifice, and drive to perfect his product. : Now, the president tells my Dad and millions of other small business owners that they didn’t build that enterprise. To every small business owner and their families,: I’m sorry this so-called president decided to trivialize your hard work, sacrifice, and devotion.


Matt Vespa

Matt Vespa is a conservative blogger based in Virginia. Besides contributing to Right Wing News, Vespa writes for RedState, PJ Media, Independent Journal Review, and his personal blog Noodle Pundit. He's also the 2013 recipient of American for Prosperity Foundation's Andrew Breitbart Award For Excellence In Online Activism and Investigative Reporting

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