Nanny Bloomberg Pushes Law To Force Composting

Why is NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg such a popular fellow? Because he perfectly encapsulates what Progressives stand for: bigger and bigger governmental control over Other People’s lives, from big things down to the tiny things. This is what Progressives want, but notice the use of the phrase “Other People’s lives”. When it comes to laws, regulations, burdens, penalties, taxes, anything restrictive, Progressives always want Other People, Someone Else, That Guy, to bear the burden, never themselves. Take Bloomberg’s big soda ban: Progressives thought it was a great idea to fight obesity, because obesity is bad for “climate change”. They just didn’t want the ban to effect themselves. Taxation? They like the idea of higher taxes on That Guy, on That Group, never on themselves. Air conditioning is Bad, but we should restrict Someone Else from having it, never themselves.

Michael Bloomberg


(Heartland) Mayor Michael Bloomberg–the man who brought about the failed supersize soda ban and restrictions on trans fats in city restaurants–is pushing for a law forcing New York City residents to compost their food refuse.

Bloomberg’s proposal would encourage voluntary composting initially, and then make food composting mandatory by 2015-2016.

Opponents decried yet another expansion of the nanny state and also worried about food composting expanding the city’s rat population.

“People seem to be able to recycle their paper and bottles without too much trouble, despite lots of outcry when it first started decades ago,” said Nicole Gelinas, a Searle Freedom Trust Fellow at the Manhattan Institute. “I think the point of the expanded voluntary pilot is to see if they can do this, too, or if it causes too many problems with improperly disposed waste–rats, etc.”

That doesn’t matter, we have a planet to save. Or something. And turning building superintendent into composting cops is a small price to pay, along with the possible increase in rats. Oh, and

Stier notes the trucks that will be necessary to collect the food waste will put more vehicles on New York City streets, consume more oil and gas, and emit more pollutants into the city’s air.

“There’s no way food scraps can be picked up from every home throughout the city without greatly increasing the number of trucks, traffic, and tyranny,” Stier explained.

And all those extra trucks will put more evil “carbon pollution” into the atmosphere, causing the Earth to boil and islands to tip over. And, yes, composting is also a big concern for Warmists, who proclaim that by doing this lots of that evil “carbon pollution” could be removed from the atmosphere. And when you get down to the nuts and bolts of “climate change”, when you get to the heart of the matter, head into the engine room, you find that the “climate change” movement is all about Progressive (nice fascism) politics, not about any sort of science and/or environmentalism.

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