Top Worst State Budgets: Unions Have Put EVERY State’s Budget In The Hole

When you or I overspend our family budget and end up not being able to pay our bills a few things happen, all of them bad. At best we do without luxury items, at worst a bank comes and takes our cars away, our homes away, or, worse yet, we go hungry. When government unions spend government budgets into a black hole of trouble what happens? Apparently the citizens are expected to lose more of their own money for the comfort of government union members and to assist big spending Democrat politicians to keep indulging a wild bacchanalia of spending.

The worst mess that states are in is because government unions have been handed luxurious and unsustainable pensions and healthcare plans by those very Democrat politicians that unions have paid off to do so. Again all at the expense of the suffering taxpayers.

Maddeningly, these city, county, and state workers end up making far more than the poor citizens forced to pay for those government union member’s high living and comfortable retirement benefits while the citizens do without. has assembled a great report so that we can get a feeling for just how bad the budget mess is in every state of the union.

Here are just some of the findings:

Worst 10 States Total Unfunded Liabilities Debt Load:
California= $121,955,498,000
New Jersey= $103,334,055,000
Illinois= $94,330,617,000
Michigan= $51,393,100,000
Ohio= $46,537,804,000
New York= $45,858,000,000
Texas= $42,392,812,000
Massachusetts= $36,791,052,000
North Carolina= $29,246,320,000
Alabama= $24,778,329,000

Best 10 States Total Unfunded Liabilities Debt Load:
South Dakota= $268,276,000
Idaho= $1,211,621,000
Wisconsin= $1,952,996,000
Vermont= $2,076,132,000
Montana= $2,181,421,000
Tennessee= $3,349,681,000
Delaware= $5,409,600,000
New Hampshire= $5,576,363,000
Maine= $7,129,875,000
Mississippi= $8,481,525,000

Worst 5 States Per Citizen Debt Load:
Hawaii= $15,959,408,000 (population=1,295,178) $12,322
New Jersey= $103,334,055,000 (population=8,707,739) $11,867
Alaska= $7,570,978,000 (population=698,473) $10,939
Illinois= $94,330,617,000 (population=12,910,409) $7,307
West Virginia= $11,077,109,000 (population=1,819,777) $6,088

Best 5 States Per Citizen Debt Load:
Florida= $1,283,145,000 (population=18,537,969) $69
South Dakota= $268,276,000 (population=812,383) $330
Tennessee= $3,349,681,000 (population=6,296,254) $532
Idaho= $1,211,621,000 (population=1,545,801) $783
North Dakota= $627,776,000 (population=646,844) $971

The States
State/Unfunded Liabilities/Population/Cost Per Citizen
Alabama= $24,778,329,000 (population= 4,708,708) $5,262
Alaska= $7,570,978,000 (population=698,473) $10,939
Arizona= $8,679,938,000 (population=6,595,778) $1,316
Arkansas= $4,574,787,000 (population=2,889,450) $1,584
California= $121,955,498,000 (population=36,961,664) $3,299
Colorado= $16,813,048,000 (population=5,024,748) $3,346
Connecticut= $15,858,500,000 (population=3,518,288) $4,430
Delaware= $5,409,600,000 (population=885,122) $6,112
Florida= $1,283,145,000 (population=18,537,969) $69
Georgia= $24,707,026,000 (population=9,829,211) $2,514
Hawaii= $15,959,408,000 (population=1,295,178) $12,322
Idaho= $1,211,621,000 (population=1,545,801) $783
Illinois= $94,330,617,000 (population=12,910,409) $7,307
Indiana= $10,268,099,000 (population=6,423,113) $1,599
Iowa= $3,232,145,000 (population=3,007,856) $1,075
Kansas= $8,595,808,000 (population=2,818,747) $3,050
Kentucky= $23,988,675,000 (population=4,314,113) $5,561
Louisiana= $24,201,687,000 (population=4,492,076) $5,388
Maine= $7,129,875,000 (population=1,318,301) $5,408
Maryland= $25,649,519,000 (population=5,699,478) $4,500
Massachusetts= $36,791,052,000 (population=6,593,587) $5,580
Michigan= $51,393,100,000 (population=9,969,727) $5,155
Minnesota= $11,782,907,000 (population=5,266,214) $2,237
Mississippi= $8,481,525,000 (population=2,951,996) $2,873
Missouri= $11,877,119,000 (population=5,987,580) $1,984
Montana= $2,181,421,000 (population=974,989) $2,277
Nebraska= No Data (population=1,796,6190)
Nevada= $9,493,191,000 (population=2,643,085) $3,592
New Hampshire= $5,576,363,000 (population=1,324,575) $4,210
New Jersey= $103,334,055,000 (population=8,707,739) $11,867
New Mexico= $7,560,957,000 (population=2,009,671) $3,762
New York= $45,858,000,000 (population=19,541,453) $2,347
North Carolina= $29,246,320,000 (population=9,380,884) $3,118
North Dakota= $627,776,000 (population=646,844) $971
Ohio= $46,537,804,000 (population=11,542,645) $4,032
Oklahoma= $13,532,207,000 (population=3,687,050) $3,670
Oregon= $11,348,793,000 (population=3,825,657) $2,966
Pennsylvania= $23,681,280,000 (population=12,604,767) $1,879
South Carolina= $20,690,760,000 (population=4,561,242) $4,536
South Dakota= $268,276,000 (population=812,383) $330
Tennessee= $3,349,681,000 (population=6,296,254) $532
Texas= $42,392,812,000 (population=24,782,302) $1,711
Utah= $4,284,242,000 (population=2,784,572) $1,539
Vermont= $2,076,132,000 (population=621,760) $3,339
Virginia= $13,344,000,000 (population=7,882,590) $1,693
Washington= $7,722,510,000 (population=6,664,195) $1,166
West Virginia= $11,077,109,000 (population=1,819,777) $6,088
Wisconsin= $1,952,996,000 (population=5,654,774) $1,073
Wyoming= $1,618,514,000 (population=544,270) $2,974

The full report has even more information so check it out.

Warner Todd Huston

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