Uh-Oh B-Ho

Uh-Oh B-Ho

In the aftermath of the “you didn’t build that” comments, it : should be no surprise that his collectivist rhetoric hurt his approval ratings amongst business owners. : According to Gallup, Obama’s approval amongst this demographic has dropped from 41% to 35%, he’s in a dead heat: with Romney, and Rasmussen has Romney taking the lead by four points. : All of this after his campaign spent $100 million dollars, 3/4 of it on negative ads, which hasn’t moved the needle in this battle for the White House. : Most importantly, the enthusiasm : amongst Republicans, or voters who lean that way, is twelve points higher than their Democratic counterparts. : In all, conservatives will turn out this year and, coupled with these recent polls, it doesn’t look for Barry.






Matt Vespa

Matt Vespa is a conservative blogger based in Virginia. Besides contributing to Right Wing News, Vespa writes for RedState, PJ Media, Independent Journal Review, and his personal blog Noodle Pundit. He's also the 2013 recipient of American for Prosperity Foundation's Andrew Breitbart Award For Excellence In Online Activism and Investigative Reporting

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