Union Chief: Senators Are ‘Terrorists’ For Not Voting With Big Labor

Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern said that Senators that vote against his ideas are “terrorists.” That’s right, folks, this union chief is saying that any politician that votes against the politically motivated ideas of Big Labor should be branded a “terrorist.”

This is the sort of gutter rhetoric that union thugs specialize in but regardless Stern should be ashamed of himself for bringing the political debate down into that gutter. Scum. Andy Stern is simply scum for using such idiotic and demagogic rhetoric.

Stern said this line of crap to Bloomberg News (as reported by CNSNews.com)

“There are a lot of terrorists in the Senate who think we are supposed to negotiate with them when they have their particular needs that they want met,” Stern told Bloomberg News. His comments, which appeared in BusinessWeek magazine, apparently were prompted by the senators’ reluctance to support the union-sponsored bill.

All this over a bill in Congress? Really?

And let’s remind everyone what this bill Stern is griping about does. The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) or the Card Check bill summarily eliminates the ability of potential union employees to vote their conscience in a secret ballot. That’s right Stern wants to take away a centuries old democratic right from his own members. Not only that but the EFCA wants to impose government arbitration on contract talks that go on longer than the government feels they should. After this all too short negotiation period, this bill give the federal government the power to come in and impose its own terms on both the employer and the union. That pretty much takes power from the worker and the employer both!

CNSNews also has an excellent point about this outrageous comment: where’s the Media coverage? Imagine if a right leaning politician or activist said that anyone that disagrees with them was a “terrorist.” How do you think the news would have treated that one?

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Warner Todd Huston

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