VIDEO: Ferguson Mayor Tells Al Sharpton to Stop Spreading Racial Hate and to Get Lost

The mayor of embattled Ferguson, Missouri is sick and tired of outside interlopers like Al Sharpton coming into his town and inciting race hate. And in a recent interview he told Al Sharpton to peddle his race hate somewhere else.

Ferguson mayor Jams Knowles appeared on the Steve Malzberg Show on Friday to decry Sharpton’s meddling.

But Sharpton isn’t exactly being welcomed with open arms in Ferguson. He has been heckled more than once, with references to his corrupt past. The Ferguson Mayor, along with several other community leaders, really don’t want him there anymore, according to Newsmax.

“There’s a lot of concern among a lot of the African American leaders here,” Mayor James Knowles said on Wednesday.

Knowles continued, “I have the concern that we’ll lose sight of this young man and the tragedy and become clearly a national spectacle, instead of focusing on this young man and the issues at hand. Sometimes star power is not always a good thing.”

“We’re at a point now where we think we’ve achieved a level of safety in our community and restoring things back to a relative normalcy and we really have to do that so that we can sit down and talk about these things,” Knowles said, adding, “You’re not going to accomplish anything in the streets screaming. There’s a lot of serious issues that need to be discussed and those have to be discussed with people at a table talking to each other, not screaming at each other.”

Sharpton should be viewed as an unwelcome presence where ever he goes. The man is a criminal.

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