Who is Footing Wisconsin Fleebagger’s Bills?

The expenses for the Fleebagging Wisconsin Democratic Senators are mounting. It’s been about a week’s worth of expenses since they’ve gone on the lamb. So, who is paying for all this? There has been rampant speculation that third party donors and union lobbyists have been slipping these Wisc. State Senators some money to pay their fleebagging costs. If they are this is clearly illegal.

The relevant Wisconsin statue is from Subchapter III, Chapter 13, Wisconsin Statutes (13.625), the prohibited practices section.

(1) No lobbyist may:
(a) Instigate legislative or administrative action for the purpose of obtaining employment in support or opposition thereto.
(b) Furnish to any agency official or legislative employee of the state or to any elective state official or candidate for an elective state office, or to the official’s, employee’s or candidate’s personal campaign committee:
1. Lodging.
2. Transportation.
3. Food, meals, beverages, money or any other thing of pecuniary value…

There is also a chance that these senators are using their campaign cash to pay their expenses. And if they are, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board says that this is OK.

In any case it is for sure this cowardly running off to Illinois certainly is enriching the campaign coffers of these Democrats. Some estimate that they have taken in over $300,000 in donations since this all began.

So, yes, these Democrats are raking in tall cash for a) NOT doing their jobs, b) quashing the will of the voters, and c) destroying the democratic process. Imagine if the situation was reversed? Images the howls of outrage in the Old Media if Republicans were raking in campaign cash for doing the same thing as these Dems are?

In the meantime, Bill Whittle walks us through the beginning of the end…

Warner Todd Huston

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