John Edwards Admits Rielle Hunter’s Kid “Quinn” Is His, News Media Shocked!

So John Edwards is the baby’s father. Shocking! Not. From Fox:

In a statement released to NBC News, Edwards said, “I am Quinn’s father. … It was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me.”

Friends of the family said that Edwards and wife, Elizabeth, have separated, NBC reported.

Here’s the video of the news report:

This is more a story about the lack of curiosity about Dem problems. This man campaigned as a devoted husband, they renewed vows on the trail, etc. This guy was running for President. I find it difficult imaging that he’d do a worse job than Barack Obama, but imagine if he had gotten the nomination and this came out? It’d be Clinton II.

I wonder if Edwards will end up with Rielle. Rumor has it that he’s been prowling the local bars lately.

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