Man With Giant Carbon Footprint Sees Stopping Climate Change As Part Of His Legacy

Let’s not forget, the man in question has a “carbon footprint” estimated at 41,000 metric tons, making him mostly to be the Man With Largest Carbon Footprint In The World. The average American’s footprint is a bit over 19 metric tons. Worldwide it is 2 tons. Heck, Obama is putting out way more than two tons just taking his 1%er vacation

(Washington Post) President Obama’s environmental policies are likely to play a prominent role in defining his second term, even as the budget, immigration and health care still dominate the current political debate.

When Gina McCarthy first met with Obama in the Oval Office on Jan. 10 to discuss the prospect of heading the Environmental Protection Agency, she recalled, “the first words out of his mouth was the need for EPA to focus on climate.”

“He sees this as a necessary part of his legacy,” she said in a recent interview.

First, “climate change” is not an environmental issue, it’s a political one. Second, 41,000 metric tons. Third, Obama’s legacy has already been written. Scandal after scandal after scandal. Running guns to Mexico, resulting in at least 200 deaths of Mexican citizens and 2 US federal border agents. Leaving 4 Americans to die in Benghazi. IRS targeting of Conservative groups. All followed by coverups. Expanding government spying on Americans domestically dramatically. And, really, they’ll probably say he presided over the worst economy since the start of the Great Depression. Under Carter, at least it was only during one term, and would best be described as “malaise”. Under Obama the term would be “despair”.

Cutting carbon emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change are the biggest environmental policies the president is pursuing, but they are not the only ones. His deputies are laying the groundwork to manage public lands across broad regions, drawing on high-tech mapping to balance energy interests against conservation needs. They also are preparing to weigh in on a controversial mining proposal in Alaska.

In other words, they are supposedly going to go for “climate change” rules and regulations harder and with a serious far left edge, especially with Denis McDonough, who worked with the hyper-far left for Center For American Progress, as his chief of staff. They see this as a winning issue, all while Europe and other nations are moving away from these idiotic, economy killing policies.

Interestingly, there are things that make sense, like dealing with the nation’s power infrastructure, which is aging and inefficient. But, the minute it starts being put in context of “climate change” people will tune out. Team Obama also wants to slap solar panels up all over the deserts and public lands. What they want is everyone moving into cities, where existing ones become mega cities, and suburbs look more like NYC, in an attempt to get everyone in to one area, for multiple reasons, including reducing “carbon footprints”. This is part of Agenda 21 and the Obama admin plans. They call this “regionalism“.

Still, the center of the president’s climate plan lies with the EPA and its plan to finalize rules in the next two years to limit greenhouse-gas emissions from new and existing plants. In an interview, McCarthy said she and other administration officials still see coal plants as part of the nation’s energy mix “for the next 40 years” but said she was determined “to bend the curve on climate” by setting standards that will require utilities to build more efficient plants.

Unelected officials making law, which is constitutionally left in the hands of the Legislative Branch, because they feel this is the Right Thing To Do, regardless of how it will damage the economy and drive up the price of, well, everything. Obama has shown over his 4+ years that he has no clue as to How Economies Work, and these types of regulations would continue that trend.

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