Our Future Foretold in a Petri Dish

Obama’s reelection confirms that we have passed the tipping point; the takers and their ideologically depraved allies now outnumber the makers. Consequently, those who feed off coercive wealth redistribution dictate the policies of the government, which will naturally be run by the likes of Obama, who effectively enslave those who work for a living on behalf of those who vote for a living.

It is as disgusting that America has degenerated into a slave state dominated by tyrannical parasites as it is inevitable that our standard of living will continue to decline as a result. But maybe we can at least limp along indefinitely as a second-rate country. Or maybe, in our weakened state, we will be destroyed by the first unexpected shock we encounter, as scientific research suggests:

While a cooperative yeast colony that thrives by breaking down sucrose can survive with a high proportion of “cheaters” — or non-producers — such a mixed colony is less able to withstand sudden shock than a population made up purely of “cooperators,” — or producers — researchers at MIT have shown.

An experiment was conducted with Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a.k.a. baker’s yeast, which is used to make bread, beer, and wine.

Each single-celled yeast organism consumes only about 1 percent of the glucose it produces and enriches its environment by releasing the other 99 percent. That creates an opportunity for cheater cells, which lack the invertase gene [which is needed to break down sucrose into glucose], to consume the glucose. Because they aren’t expending energy to break down sugar, cheater cells reproduce at a faster rate than cooperator cells, and soon outnumber them.

Similarly, those paid by the government to squirt out more babies for ever larger welfare checks tend to have more children than those who are compelled to support them.

[T]he mixed group could stabilize at a ratio of cheaters to cooperators of 9-to-1.

Stabilization occurs because beyond this ratio, glucose (i.e., food) gets scarce.

But when those stable populations were exposed by dilution to a suddenly harsh environment … all of the pure cooperator populations survived, while just one of six mixed populations adapted to fast deterioration, the report shows.

The pure cooperator populations are the yeast equivalents of Galt’s Gulch, where everyone produces. The mixed populations are socialist welfare states like the USSA.

Imagine the same catastrophe befalling 18th–19th century America, which was populated by tough, self-reliant countermoonbats, and the America dominated by squishy-soft, parasitical whiners that reelected Obama. Which would survive? Science has given us the answer.

On a tip from Lyle. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

The same rules apply for yeast and people.

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