Homework Teaches Anti-American View of World War II

Homework Teaches Anti-American View of World War II

There was a time in America when schools promoted God, good values and love of the country. Sadly, those days are long gone. In fact, you can’t even trust our public schools to teach our kids that America is a force for good in the world anymore.

Bob and Sarah Fisher found that out when they were checking their 8th grade daughter’s homework. Their daughter attends Victory Junior High School in New York and she was given an assignment that painted the United States as the bad guys in World War II because we nuked the Japanese. The assignment even asks the children to come up with an argument designed to stop the bombing.


Not only is that disgraceful, it’s designed to be deliberately deceptive. Setting Pearl Harbor, the cruel treatment of American POWs, and the fear that Russia would invade and take part of Japan for themselves if we didn’t act aside, we expected half a million American soldiers to die during the invasion along with millions of Japanese civilians. So believe it or not, nuking the Japanese probably SAVED millions of lives.

How about adding that as an option on the homework?

Would it be worth it for half a million American soldiers to die to avoid dropping a nuclear bomb on the nation behind Pearl Harbor?

The answer to that question isn’t just, “no,” it’s “hell, no,” and if officials can’t figure that out in Victory Junior High School, they should start firing people until someone sees the light.

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