Michelle Obama Is PISSED… Over Congress Putting Her In Her Place With THIS Nasty Surprise!

That school lunch program the First Lady has imposed on your kids? Its days appear numbered

Although a great many people have cried tyranny for quite some time, it’s only now that those tasked with representing the people are doing their jobs. Despite the fact almost every child has suffered at the hands of Michelle’s “healthy” school lunches, she has remained adamant that it should continue.

After years of complaints from children, parents, school staff, and even administrators, it seems that Michelle’s royal decree is about to come to an end. The Daily Caller notes that about a year ago, similar sentiments were set forth by Congress, resulting in Michelle saying she was going to fight “until the bitter end” to keep the program in place. Since the horrible lunches continued, it would appear that Michelle won that round.

Unfortunately for her, this time things are different, as a bill to shut down the terrible lunches for good has been set forth with bipartisan participation. According to Western Journalism:

The bill, introduced by Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., and the committee’s top Democrat, Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, moves to end the rules and also seeks to address the massive rise in food waste that has been seen since the rules were implemented. The bill has the support of the School Nutrition Association (SNA) which represents 55,000 school food service employees across the country.

The School Lunches By Michelle program is a classic case of the unintended consequences of leftist policy. By insisting on “healthy” school lunches rather than letting schools have the freedom to figure out what works best for them, the First Lady has forced those schools to provide a lot of food that the kids won’t eat – and therefore an enormous amount of it, and the money spent to provide it (that “healthy’ food the kids won’t eat is also a lot more expensive than the stuff they will eat), is thrown away.

So the kids don’t get much of a lunch at all, they’re unhappy and starving and thus unproductive in the afternoons, the schools and the federal government are wasting money and we’ve blown up the concept of local control of education in the bargain.

Are we missing anything, or is the picture clear enough for the Left? Leave. Us. Alone.

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