Parent Called to School to Attend Special Needs Child, Gets Hauled Off to Jail

Yet another incident reminds us to think twice before turning over children to the care of the zero tolerance authoritarian kooks who tend to run government schools. A teacher at Walnut Grove Elementary School near Springfield, Missouri put through a frantic phone call to Niakea Williams, informing her that her son Michael was panicking. Michael suffers from Asperger syndrome, which is like autism but with relatively preserved cognitive development.

She rushed to the school, where she was buzzed in by officials. Unbeknownst to Niakea, she had been buzzed in… to the Twilight Zone:

“I saw a teacher and she said Ms. Williams what is wrong? I said something is wrong with Mikey and proceeded to go straight to my son,” said Williams.

She got to her son’s classroom and immediately started to console him. Then the school principal informed her she was violated school policy by not signing in.

“I didn’t sign the book, but I had to check on my son. You can bring me the book, She said oh no, I’ve already called the police. You called what,” said Williams.

Calverton Park Police responded to the call that came out as an “unauthorized entry to a school.” The school was also put on a 12-minute lockdown and a letter was sent home to parents.

“They escorted me away from my son, who already has emotional distress. Four officers told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back, I was under arrest,” said Williams.

Despite being known at the school as a parent, she was dragged off to the police station on trespassing charges. No doubt the entire production did wonders to set Mikey at ease.

Good thing she wasn’t carrying a defensive handgun in her purse, as many American women wisely do. They would have her in the cell next to Hannibal Lecter’s.

There is no need to compound the horrors of Sandy Hook by running schools like military bases. Bad things are always going to happen. They will be even worse than they need to be if we let them be exploited as pretexts to institutionalize hysteria.

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