US Lawmaker Says ‘YES’ To Radical Islam On College Campuses – Because… Freedom Of Speech?

US Lawmaker Says ‘YES’ To Radical Islam On College Campuses – Because… Freedom Of Speech?

Wow… Tennessee has huge problems. Not the least of which is this lawmaker who says ISIS should be able to actively recruit on college campuses because free speech y’all. And get this… he’s a freaking Republican. You do not have a right under the Constitution to recruit terrorists. That’s like saying serial killers have a right to express free speech through murder you moron. This guy should resign and never, ever show his face again. But he’s far from alone. There are a number of politicians who think this way. It’s mind blowing.


From Mad World News:

It’s a crazy world we live in when an American lawmaker says yes to radical Islam on our children’s college campuses, but that’s exactly what’s happening, no matter how unbelievable it may sound. Imagine a campus where students can become radicalized to go off to jihad against America, and it’s all condoned by the law. If our government has its way, that’s what could be happening very soon.

A congressman has introduced a law that will give college campuses the go-ahead to allow the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) to recruit your kids on college campuses and the green light for students to join active terrorist organizations. While many of us ask who in their right mind would allow the recruiting of terrorists and murderers on college campuses, that’s exactly what this lawmaker wants to do, and his reasoning will blow your mind.

Rep. Martin Daniel of Knoxville, Tennessee is arguing for a bill that he says will loosen free speech laws by allowing the Islamic State (ISIS) to recruit on college campuses, disguising it as a First Amendment issue:

During debate for the bill, Republican state Rep. Martin Daniel was asked by another representative whether or not ISIS should be able to stand in the middle of university campuses and “recruit for ISIS.” Daniel’s response? “Yes.” He likened ISIS recruitment to nothing more than having students “exposed to differing viewpoints.”

Impeachment anyone? Rep. John DeBerry took this idiot to task: “There are young people who are not ready yet — they’re half-baked, half-cooked — who are recruited to work against their own parents, their own nation, and I would be concerned as a parent and as a citizen,” DeBerry said to Daniel, according to the Tennessean. “Free speech is one thing; being stupid is another.” Indeed… Daniel wants to allow ALL objectionable speech, but that is not what the First Amendment intended. If ‘speech’ incites subversion or violence, it should not be tolerated and that is the very essence of ISIS. Daniel is a dangerous nut that should be removed from office.

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