Cataloging The Final 2010 Election Predictions Made By The Experts


Nate Silver: 53-54
Larry Sabato: 55 seats
Scott Ramussen: 55+ seats
Jay Cost: 57
Cook Report: 50-60 seats
Election Projection: 62
John Gizzi: 63
Rothenberg Report: 55-65 seats
John Hawkins**: 70-80
Jim Geraghty*: 70
Dick Morris: 60-80


Cook Report: 6-8 seats
Rothenberg Report: 6-8 seats
Nate Silver: 7 seats
Scott Ramussen: 7-8+ seats
Larry Sabato” 8 seats
Jay Cost: 8 seats
Election Projection: 8 seats
John Hawkins: 7-9 seats
Life News*: 9 seats
John Gizzi: 10 seats
Dick Morris: 10 seats

* Added in after the post went first live.

** Revised upwards at around 6 PM EST on election day.

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