Islamic Prayer Plays on Toy F-16 sold on Amazon [Watch]

Islamic Prayer Plays on Toy F-16 sold on Amazon [Watch]

This is a present I am glad wasn’t under our Christmas tree. The unexpected noise that came out of a child’s present this Christmas was shocking: an Islamic prayer. These were most DEFINITELY not plane sounds:

toy plane

Instead of whooshing and roaring expected out of a toy F-16 fighter jet bought on Amazon, the toy plays a prayer in Arabic, KING-TV reported.

The toy’s manufacturer, WolVol, blamed its factory for the mistake, according to the report.

“It sounds like an Arabic chanting, which is pretty unusual,” Bjorn Thorpe, the boy’s uncle, told KING-TV. “I think we’re kind of confused on how this would happen.”

Nadeem Israr, president of the Islamic Society of Whatcom County, told King 5 the sound is a Muslim prayer spoken during pilgrimages to Mecca.

“It’s very wrong. It’s very, very wrong,” he told KING-TV when asked about the toy.

At least a couple of reviewers on Amazon noted the mixup:

amazon reviews

What the heck. Way to go, Amazon.

The toy is currently ‘unavailable for purchase’ and ‘We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.’

I bet you don’t. What a creepy mix-up.

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