UCLA Professor Exposes Climate Fraud, His Funding Is Cut, He’s Punished And Fired; Professor Sues UCLA And Wins Out Of Court Settlement

Sure, it’s just for financial reasons. Yeah, I bet if this had gone to court, Enstrom would have won hands down. For the life of me, I don’t know why he settled for a meager $140,000 and to have his title of “Retired Researcher” reinstated. He also has access to UCLA resources once again. Seems to me, after 2 1/2 years in court, he should have been awarded a lot more. Universities are supposed to revere science – unless of course it is environmental science, which they manipulate to mean whatever they want it to mean in this political climate. Heaven forbid, that you contradict environmental regulations. The powers that be just can’t have that. Suddenly you find your funding cut, you get reprimanded and then fired. Your career is gone and you spend years in court suing, because as a whistle blower, you were maligned, disgraced and discarded. That’s ‘fairness’ for you.

From Weasel Zippers:

It is not nice to question ‘settled science’.

Via The College Fix

School says it’s purely a financial decision – trial ain’t cheap

Scientific research at universities is supposed to involve inquiry into established theories and hypotheses.

That is, unless they question environmental regulations.

One UCLA science researcher, a 34-year veteran of the school, found himself out of a job in 2011 after examining the data underlying diesel regulations proposed by a California regulator and exposing the shoddy credentials of a lead author of that regulator’s report.

James Enstrom secured victory in a two-and-a-half year legal battle against UCLA last week when the school agreed to settle the case.

The school is paying the “diesel particulate matter” expert $140,000, reinstating his title as “Retired Researcher,” and restoring his access to UCLA resources, “effectively” rescinding his termination, according to the American Center for Law & Justice, which represented Enstrom.

Enstrom had challenged the validity of a California Air Resources Board study on diesel particulate matter and mortality in the state and the regulations that followed. He denounced the research as a faulty reading of data.

UCLA retaliated against Enstrom after he “became an aggressive and lone critic at UCLA of air pollution research,” escalating in 2008 after he testified in California Senate hearings, according to a lawsuit filed by the center in 2012.

It accused the school of initiating “a series of actions designed to silence and ultimately terminate Dr. Enstrom.”

Enstrom exposed fraudulent behavior in the studies on which the board relied, including that of the lead author of a 2008 report. Hien Tran “admitted he purchased” a magna cum laude Ph.D. for $1,000 from a “diploma mill associated with a fugitive pedophile,” according to CalWatchdog.

It’s “the standard MO” of the regulatory board to use “unverified studies to gin up regulations” in the state, according to Lois Henry, a Bakersfield Californian columnist who covers California politics, in a column last month.

After blowing the whistle, Enstrom found his position’s funding cut, as detailed in a 2010 letter from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education to then-Chancellor Gene Block.[…]

Speaking about the settlement, UCLA told The Daily Bruin that it did not target Enstrom for his political beliefs.

It said that “Enstrom’s presence as a researcher for decades, despite his minority positions defending diesel emissions and tobacco, demonstrates” that UCLA promotes academic diversity.

A spokesman told The Fix that UCLA settled the case because it would cost “far less than the legal costs of a trial.” Enstrom’s settlement includes “some other incidental campus services, such as eligibility for parking and email, associated with his retiree status.”

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A professor at UCLA disproves reports regarding diesel emissions. Faulty data was exposed and the number of deaths reported was absolutely wrong. For daring to correct those reports and tell the truth as he saw it, Enstrom was cast out of the ivory towers of the educational priesthood. Hyping environmental concerns and regulations leads to higher taxation and more revenue for the state, so of course the university would want their rendered report to reflect exactly what the state wanted – not actual facts. Having Enstrom there doesn’t demonstrate diversity… it demonstrates that UCLA has not refined their purging methods yet. They’re working on that, I’m sure.

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