Saddam Hussein Torture Doctor at Work in British Hospital

Under socialized medicine, there is little incentive to become a doctor. Fortunately, Britain’s liberal immigration policies allow them to be imported from abroad:

A doctor involved in horrific torture by Saddam Hussein’s henchmen is working in British hospitals.

In an astonishing immigration scandal, border officials have allowed the suspected war criminal to treat thousands of British patients.

Dr Mohammed Kassim Al-Byati was given a permit to work as a doctor in the NHS by the Labour government in 2004.

Checks failed to uncover his history of working for the notorious Iraqi Intelligence Agency, which ran the country in a reign of terror during the Saddam years.

His job was to patch up torture victims so that they could be subjected to more appalling treatment.

In 2007, Al-Byati contacted the Home Office to confess to his horrific past so that he could claim asylum.

But, incredibly, this did not prevent him from carrying on earning tens of thousands of pounds working at a hospital in Wales.

Even now, despite his file being referred to a specialist war crimes unit, he remains cleared by the General Medical Council, and has been working in the West Midlands.

Given Saddam Hussein’s torture tactics, it took some skill to prevent victims from escaping into death.

Favoured methods used by his secret police included eye-gouging; piercing of hands with an electric drill; suspension from a ceiling; electric shock; rape and other forms of sexual abuse; beating of the soles of feet; mock executions; extinguishing cigarettes on the body, and acid baths.

Al-Byati came clean because under a system run by liberals, wicked behavior is rewarded:

One perversity of the asylum system is that the worse the crimes an applicant has been involved in, the more likely he is to be allowed to stay.

He can claim that, if sent back to the country where the offences were committed, he may be subjected to degrading treatment, which is not allowed under the Human Rights Act.

Despite his evil past, Al-Byati feels no guilt.

Sitting in the living room of the detached four-bedroom house he shares with his wife and three children in a leafy suburb of Birmingham, the grossly overweight doctor launched into a staunch defence of his actions. …

Asked whether he thought the prisoners had survived, Al-Byati said: ‘They were alive when I left,’ and then laughed.

How nice that he’s keeping his spirits up despite the negative publicity.

Back in 2007 he couldn’t work for a year because of the visa problems. So the government gave him free money and a council house.

If he could keep people alive in Saddam Hussein’s torture chambers, at least he must have the skills needed to help Britons survive their notoriously lethal socialist hospitals.

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