Girl Scouts Issue Demand Before Holiday Season: ‘Don’t Force Daughters To HUG Relatives’ [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | November 25, 2017 10:52 am

Unfreaking believable! Damn… now I have to swear off Girl Scout cookies forever. Oh well, nomminess aside, this is just insane. The Girl Scouts issued a warning this week against allowing girls to give their relatives hugs during the holiday season. Excuse me? Children and grandchildren should hug their relatives even if it is just to say thank you. Their statement on their website is entitled: “She Doesn’t Owe Anyone a Hug. Not Even at the Holidays.” That’s none of their freaking business and it’s communist. “(T)elling your child that she owes someone a hug either just because she hasn’t seen this person in a while or because they gave her a gift can set the stage for her questioning whether she ‘owes’ another person any type of physical affection when they’ve bought her dinner or done something else seemingly nice for her later in life,” the statement read. Bull feces.

And it gets worse. The Girl Scouts proceeded to quote someone the organization cites as an expert – a psychologist. “The notion of consent may seem very grown-up and like something that doesn’t pertain to children,” said Girl Scouts’ developmental psychologist Dr. Andrea Bastiani Archibald, “but the lessons girls learn when they’re young about setting physical boundaries and expecting them to be respected last a lifetime, and can influence how she feels about herself and her body as she gets older. Plus, sadly, we know that some adults prey on children, and teaching your daughter about consent early on can help her understand her rights, know when lines are being crossed, and when to go to you for help.”


Get that? Relatives are now being equated with pedophiles and sexual predators. This ticks me off. “Blessed is he who has no family,” Marx wrote and that is what these radicals are aiming for here. To tear asunder the family unit. Rush Limbaugh was having none of it. “The Girl Scouts of America is urging family members not to have their little girls hug other family members over the holidays because this can eventually lead to sexual harassment and rape, is what they are getting at,” he stated last week on his radio show.

“If you condition your daughter to hug Uncle Fred after Uncle Fred gives her a Barbie doll, then you are conditioning your daughter to go out and hug Mr. X, who might give her a gift, and Mr. X might then expect to be hugged. And Mr. X might just give the gift or buy your daughter dinner in hopes of having her hug him or more.” Limbaugh went on, “And so to guard against creating this reaction in your daughter, tell your daughter to hug nobody. Hugging a family member as gratitude or greeting can lead to unwanted sexual advances later in life. Now, notwithstanding that some families have reprobates in them, the point here is, come on, everybody knows that.”

We’re not supposed to tell our kids to give an aunt or uncle a hug when they get a gift, or they may be psychologically damaged? I’m having a difficult time accepting this.

— John Aravosis (@aravosis) November 21, 2017[2]

Twitter was set afire over all this. It really set people off. The worst part is that the Girl Scouts were always considered part of the American fabric. Not so much anymore. They’ve embraced an ‘inclusive’ mentality that does not focus on girls and teaching them what they need to learn to help them through life. “It’s not the New York Times saying it. It’s not some left-wing politician. This is the Girl Scouts of America. We are now supposed to believe young girls are in danger of being molested by their relatives right in front of their parents,” Limbaugh said. “Or, we are now being led to believe that young girls being hugged by their relatives sets the stage for young girls unknowingly sending a signal that somebody else could hug them.”

This is straight out of the communist manifesto and Limbaugh knows it. He made fun of the Girl Scouts alternatives to hugging, saying they were “recommending alternatives to kissing and hugging that include a ‘high-five’ or a ‘thank you with a smile.’ Or a fist bump. So instead of hugging, high five, thank you with a smile, or fist bump. But no hugging.” He’s incensed and is pointing out just how much out of line the Girl Scouts are here. “This is trying to affix the blame for a problem where it does not reside and doesn’t lie. Another attack on the family essentially from the Girl Scouts of America, of all places, which obviously has been corrupted now by the left as well,” he said.

One final thought before I sign off. Lots of younger people today were raised to think as you do, that children/ younger people are equal to if not superior two adults/elders. It’s a recipe for raising a generation of brats, and has zero to do with rape culture.

— John Aravosis (@aravosis) November 21, 2017[5]

Limbaugh ended off with pointing out how misguided the advice was. “To try to relate or compare the hugs, the greetings of male family members to potential future rapists and muggers? I mean, the innocent expression of affection and love in a family can lead to — what this is, is a sick, sick way of actually ending up blaming the victim, when you get right down to it. I don’t even know if they see that, but that’s essentially what they’re doing,” he said.

Frankly, I’m done with the Girl Scouts AND the Boy Scouts. Enough of this crap. I would strongly suggest to parents they not bother putting their children in these groups. They have become immoral, social justice breeding grounds for indoctrination. This ‘no hugs’ crap is the last straw.

Ready For the Latest recommendation from the Girl Scouts?They are telling Scouts to No Longer hug or kiss Grandparents or Uncles when visiting them because they could be pedophiles.🤣WTF? It’s Time to Shut the Girl Scouts Down. The have gone Nuts.

— Nonni (@Camtemp) November 22, 2017[6]

Let's become a sterile society…….Girl Scouts should head on over to North Korea, they'll feel right at home. Sorry girls, we hug in my family! No Girl Scouts wanted!

— Gunny's Rants (@GunnyRants) November 21, 2017[7]

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