If You Emasculate Yourself To Impress Women They’re Going To Hate You Anyway

If You Emasculate Yourself To Impress Women They’re Going To Hate You Anyway

It was an atrocity. A trainwreck. An avalanche of fail sailing down loser mountain and headed right for pitiful gulch. It was a video called Dear Woman.

I have tried watching it four times and the furthest I managed to get was 2:15 seconds before my complete revulsion at the nauseating, whimpering, castrated half-“men” on display in the video prostrating themselves before the entire female species and begging for their forgiveness was simply too appalling as a man (no quotation marks) to watch.

In other words, my reaction to the video was utter and complete contempt for everyone involved in it.

Now, here’s the ironic part: From what I’ve seen on Twitter and Facebook? Women seem to be every bit as contemptuous of these pathetic little “men” as I was.

Here are just some of the comments, all of which are very representative, that I’ve seen about this video from women.

The hippies, they burn: A friend of mine, Caleb Howe, found this video yesterday and I laughed until I cried (just go watch it), but the underlying motivation is certainly NOT funny and the implications are not good for America. Men apologizing for their own existence? No. — Melissa Clouthier

(A minute and a half of watching the video is) about my maximum, but for me it’s more of a disgusting fear that this is what all men are becoming. — Erin McLafferty

If I ever – EVER – saw any alleged man doing or saying the things in this video, I’d call him Josephine then teach him how to stop being a little b*tch. — Lori Ziganto

Uggg, vomit. I reckon these guys keep their balls in a little pink box under their beds…Eww Give me a man that can actually defend me from harm as apposed to crumbling in a ball and weeping like a girl. — Lillith

Oh come one, do they really think women are that stupid? These “men” need to deal with their own sh*t instead of listing the faults of other men. What unabashed male ego crap. How about you apologize to the women you personally have taken out emotionally and grow a set while you’re at it. BTW, this will NOT get you laid goatboy. — Suzie Homemaker

This is not exactly a shocker given that a lot of the commenters on YouTube would probably taunt dying Make-A-Wish kids for having cancer, but the comments on the video haven’t gone so well for our intrepid, apologetic “fellows.”

We have temporarily disabled comments on this video. Thank you for expressing your reaction. we had not expected so many people to watch this video in 4 days! We are very aware that some people resonated with it, and some did not. We have received thousands of comments, and many of them are highly abusive or offensive. We are happy to welcome all points of view, but not expressions of violence or hatred. in the next days we will publish existing comments, and switch commenting back on. Thanks!

Welcome to the Internet, Nancy-boys.

Do you know the saddest thing about this pathetic video? These “guys” are completely emasculating themselves, undoubtedly in hopes of impressing women, and the only thing they’re earning is well deserved mockery.

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