But… I Thought Obama Was Going to Save the World?

This time last year, I was told that once in office, President Barack Hussein Obama was going bring peace, prosperity, and all things warm and fuzzy to our beloved planet earth. All the national and international turmoil occurring at the time could be attributed solely to President Bush, a.k.a. the anti-Christ, including our two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and including any and all anti-American sentiment across the globe.

If only we had a God-like savior like Barack Obama to lead us out of despair, everything would be okay again. The world would stop sneering at us, nuclear proliferation would magically cease (because our enemies would be too busy kissing our president’s feet), and radical Islamic extremists would finally sit down and have tea with our leaders.

If you think I’m being facetious, here are a few disturbing reminders:

Fast forward one year, and it’s nice to see how far we’ve come:

Suspect Charged in Thwarted Terror Plot Aboard Detroit-Bound Jet

Lawmakers Call Ft. Hood Shootings ‘Terrorism’

Four Muslim extremists arrested over plot to bomb synagogue and shoot down planes

Illinois man charged in plot to bomb federal offices

Little Rock Shooting Suspect Joins Growing List of Muslim Converts Accused of Targeting U.S.

Perhaps the Wall Street Journal said it best:

A U.S. government that has barred the phrase “war on terror” has nonetheless acknowledged that a failed Christmas day bomb attack on an airliner was a terrorist attempt. Can we all now drop the pretense that we stopped fighting a war once Dick Cheney and George W. Bush left the White House?

The attempt by 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab follows the alleged murders in Ft. Hood, Texas by Islamist-inspired Major Nidal Hasan in November. Brian Jenkins, who studies terrorism for the Rand Corporation, says there were more terror incidents (12), including thwarted plots, on U.S. soil in 2009 than in any year since 2001. The jihadists don’t seem to like Americans any better because we’re closing down Guantanamo.

Shucks. I was really hoping they would.

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