Muslim Brotherhood Plans To Form Political Party In Egypt

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. I know this because Smart Liberals said so. They are apparently a “non-violent secular group.” So, we should have no reason to be concerned

Egypt’s long banned Muslim Brotherhood said Tuesday it intends to form a political party once democracy is established, as the country’s new military rulers launched a panel of experts to amend the country’s constitution enough to allow democratic elections later this year.

The military’s choices for the panel’s makeup were a sign of the new political legitimacy of the Muslim Brotherhood, the fundamentalist group that was the most bitter rival of Mubarak’s regime. Among the panel’s members is Sobhi Saleh, a former lawmaker from the Brotherhood seen as part of its reformist wing.

The question is, what will happen? Is the MB serious about wanting freedom for the people over Islamist values? Will they push hardcore Islamism and Sharia law? One of the main guiding principles of the Muslim Brotherhood is to slowly infiltrate nations and politics, slowly integrating Islamist values, until they are ready to strike, violently, if necessary. The Wall Street Journal points out

Moaz Abdel Karim, an affable 29-year-old who was among a handful of young activists who plotted the recent protests here, is the newest face of the Muslim Brotherhood. His political views on women’s rights, religious freedom and political pluralism mesh with Western democratic values. He is focused on the fight for democracy and human rights in Egypt.

A different face of the Brotherhood is that of Mohamed Badi, 66-year-old veterinarian from the Brotherhood’s conservative wing who has been the group’s Supreme Guide since last January. He recently pledged the Brotherhood would “continue to raise the banner of jihad” against the Jews, which he called the group’s “first and foremost enemies.” He has railed against American imperialism, and calls for the establishment of an Islamic state.

So, which one? Obviously, it is “Islamophobia” to simply discuss the potential impacts of the Muslim Brotherhood in government (funny how liberals have no problem with highly religious Islamists in government, but, pitch a Category 10 hissy fit if the 10 Commandments, the bedrock of not only the worlds 3 major religions, but also that of most nations laws). The MB are surely just benign cute and fuzzy Muslims who won’t cause any problems.

The outlawed Islamist opposition group is plagued by rifts between young and old, reformist and hard-liner. There are big city deal-making politicians, and conservative rural preachers who eschew politics in favor of proselytizing Islam.

And which one ends up in control? How reformist are this young members? Many of the younger ones want freedom for women, and full equality for Christians. They also say they want the peace accords with Israel to be kept in full. They also want big government control of the people’s lives.

The problem is, we do not know what will occur. Nor does the US have much input into the situation. Only time will tell.

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