Ukrainian Lesson: Fools and Their Guns Are Soon Parted

Thanks to Germany’s violation of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, which turned the Left against Hitler, information gatekeepers have done an admirable job of reminding us of the crimes of the Third Reich. In contrast, the comparable horrors of the Soviet Union are forgotten, although they persisted for longer, claimed more casualties, and are arguably much more relevant to current events. Ethnic Ukrainian Christina Sterbenz fills in some of the gaps in our education:

In 1932, Joseph Stalin and his forces perpetuated a famine in Ukraine known as “Holodomor,” meaning “death by hunger.” As a communist leader, Stalin wanted to curtail the country’s growing independence (declared for the first time in 1918). He considered wealthy farmers, known as “kulaks,” capitalist and, therefore, anti-socialist. Consequently, Stalin instituted “dekulakization,” seizing families’ estates and imposing heavy grain taxes. He hoped not only to feed his growing forces but also to force Ukraine to abandon their national pride and adopt Soviet ideals.

No one knows how many Ukrainians perished, but historians estimate anywhere from 3 million to 10 million people starved to death. Some eyewitness accounts describe people eating their dogs and, horrifyingly, their own children.

Adds a little perspective to Stalin fan Putin’s seizure of Ukrainian territory, doesn’t it? It is the equivalent of Germany invading Israel.

Likewise, this adds a little perspective to the many attempts by Democrats over the past year to severely curtail our constitutional right to bear arms:

According to a report from the New York Times, the government of Ukraine has ordered any of its citizens in possession of “illegal guns” to turn them in to the authorities. This move is being heralded by the European Union, which has made this step a provision of membership. Kiev believes that disarming Ukrainians will go a long way to end the escalating destabilization and the ever present threat of violence that has risen with the formation of “self-defense groups.” Others see this as a superficial power grab, and meddling politics on behalf of Europe.

Euroweenies pressure Ukrainians to turn in their guns, while making not so much as a pretense that they will prevent Putin from extending his invasion after he has consolidated control of the Crimean Peninsula. Their nerve would be admirable, if this weren’t the result of clueless unawareness of their own absurdity.

Readers will recall that Obama has also participated in the disarming of Ukrainians.

Nothing the Ukrainian government can do will prevent Putin from annexing the rest of the country. But a well-armed populace capable of sustaining a prolonged guerilla campaign is another matter. Russia doesn’t want any more Afghanistans.

The lesson for Ukrainians and Americans alike: fools and their guns are soon parted.

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