Arizona’s SB 1062

Lest anyone take the media’s presentation of the predictably vetoed Arizona Senate Bill 1062 at face value, let it be known that the issue is not sexual deviancy. Homosexuals, whom the public has been brainwashed into revering as sacred victims, are merely tools the liberal establishment is exploiting to eradicate the last traces of liberty in American society. Have a look at the bill, and see if you can find where it refers to gays.

The real issue is whether we are able to interact with each other on a voluntary basis, or whether all business relations are to be mediated by the government in accordance with its ideological agenda.

If you are not able to choose who you do business with, then you are not running your own business; you are running the government’s business. Your objectives do not matter; only the government’s objectives are relevant. You are a slave.

The underlying principle of the government asserting the authority to forbid businesses from refusing service for their own reasons is fundamentally unjust. You can tell by how selectively it must be applied.

If the KKK decided to make things unpleasant for a black photographer by demanding that he photograph a cross burning, and tried to sue when he refused, they would be laughed out of court. But liberal-dominated courts will jump on every opportunity to put the screws to Christians, as when a court ruled that a Christian photographer in New Mexico must photograph ceremonies that she regards as morally repugnant. Militant homosexuals may actually seek out businesses owned by serious Christians, so as to rub tyranny in their faces and force them to betray their religious faith as in the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado.

Why is the promotion of homosexuality suddenly so important to the government–media establishment? Because it is a means to an end.

There is more at stake here even than our right to run our own businesses as we please, in accordance with our own values. The Christian religion has historically been a major obstacle to tyranny. An obvious example is the Catholic Church’s resistance to communist rule in Poland. This is why statists are reflexively hostile to Christians.

Our ruling class would ban Christianity this instant if they thought that would fly. But it wouldn’t, so they take the more insidious approach of requiring Christians to effectively renounce their own faith in the name of “tolerance.”

Yet even when ministers start losing their churches for refusing to make a mockery of their faith by presiding over blasphemous homosexual “marriages,” the easily manipulated public will still think this is about protecting put-upon sexual deviants from oppression.

Then, when gays have served their purpose, they will be dumped back into irrelevance, as our rulers seize upon a new identity group to exploit.

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