HORROR: Two Men Forced In To Bareknuckle Fight; Loser Gets BRUTAL Parting Gift!

Man, Mexico can be a brutal place. And when we say brutal, we mean in the fullest sense of the word.

No place for softies, this is.

A Mexican gang forced two men to bareknuckle fight before executing the loser in a horrific video.

Shocking footage showed the men striking each other as gang members stood round and laughed in a woodland clearing in Tierra Caliente, south Mexico.

The men were then forced apart with the loser was apparently executed with a bullet to the head.

Tierra Caliente? Hot Land?

And apparently, though the video of the fight-to-the-death doesn’t capture the finale, they really did kill the poor guy.

Here’s the video, which is awful not so much for what it shows but what it implies…

Things like this can make you of two minds about Mexico. First, that looks an awful lot like a failed state and you’d really like to help the folks who would rightfully be desperate to get the hell out of there.

But second, there’s a reason it’s a failed state in which horrors like what’s on that video are – not exactly commonplace but let’s say not unheard of. And why would we want to import that here?

We can’t fix Mexico. Could we maybe grab part of it for use as a halfway house to vet the folks from there who want to come here? Just an idea.

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