Gohmert: Pro-gay marriage judges ‘need some basic plumbing lessons’

Conservative congressman: Louie Gohmert: and Rep.: Michelle Bachmannturned a question about recent federal court gay marriage rulings into a clinic on constitutional law Wednesday — as well as a grade-school lesson on human biology.

Gohmert and Bachmann were speaking with Rep. Steve King, R-La., at the Conversations With Conservatives event sponsored by the Heritage Foundation in Washington.


U.S. Reps. Steve King, left, Michelle Bachmann, and Louie Gohmert.

“They need some basic: plumbing lessons,” joked Gohmert, R-Texas, after noting that some courts had found no “biological evidence to support marriage being between a man and a woman.”

More seriously, he said the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling of last June made it clear it was not a matter for the federal government.

“The Supreme Court said this was a matter for the states to decide,” he said.

“We’ve got to get back to real law and order, and that includes by judges not becoming God … We’ve got to get the law back in the hands of the states, where it was originally intended in a federal Republic.”

Bachmann, R-Minnesota, said the gay marriage issue’s continued volleying around federal courts was symptomatic of the “lawless” legacy the Obama administration will leave.

When the president declared at the outset of his term that he considered the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, passed by a bipartisan Congress and signed by a Democratic predecessor constitutional and that he would not enforce it, he set the tone for the controversy roiling the courts.

“He announced to the nation he wasn’t going to faithfully executive the laws of the land. And what’s interesting is that essentially you have judges citing an unconstitutional act of the president as precedent for their lawless decision of activism.”

As an example, she said that same kind of rule by presidential fiat is what’s playing out now with Obamacare, as regulations are waived and deadlines moved to suit the expedience of the moment.

The law, she said, “is “whatever a president says at a press conference, or a tweet, or whatever some bureaucrat says. When you do that, you have a legal constitutional anarchy.

“My opinion is, the legacy of Barack Obama will be the establishment of lawlessness in the United States. And that doesn’t portend well for the future of the United States.”

Check out the audio here. The gay marriage discussion starts about the 2:25 mark.

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