Study: Concealed Carry Laws Reduce Gun Violence

Well, it’s confirmed; gun control only creates more gun violence and carnage. : Granted, conservatives have know this for years. : It’s just that our liberal friends, who are slower and less-educated on this issue, have been a constant pain in the ass in trying to keep their little crusade to render the Constitution irrelevant alive. Well, it’s over, folks. : In a: new study: in Applied Economic Letters, Quinnipiac economist Mark Gius noted that:

Using data for the period 1980 to 2009 and controlling for state and year fixed effects,the results of the present study suggest that states with restrictions on the carrying of concealed weapons had higher gun-related murder rates than other states.: It was also found that assault weapons bans did not significantly affect murder rates at the state level.: These results suggest that: restrictive concealed weapons laws may cause an increase in gun-related murders at the state level.: 

Noah Rothman at Mediate: wrote earlier today: that:

The study determined that nearly every claim made in support of stronger restrictions on gun ownership is not supported by an exhaustive analysis of crime statistics.


In fact, Gius found the opposite — that a proliferation of concealed carry permits can actually reduce incidents of gun crime.

Even in urban areas we have police chiefs: supporting: law-abiding citizens exercising their constitutional right to be armed.

On January 2nd, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that “good community members who have concealed weapons permits” (CCWs) deter crime and save lives.

Craig admitted he did not have this view when he worked as a police officer in Los Angeles for 28 years because he never got to see concealed carry in action: “It takes an act of Congress to get a concealed carry permit” in Los Angeles.

But according to: The Detroit News, when Craig moved from the LAPD to Portland, Maine—”where they give out lots of CCWs”—he realized that criminals in Maine were hesitant because they knew “good Americans were armed.”

While Craig is also for a lot of gun control provisions, it’s nice to see law enforcement support on this issue.

So, liberals you’ve lost the 2000 presidential election on guns; you lost the Colorado recall on guns; and : you forced Obama to waste the most precious moments of his second term on guns. : Finally, the public: doesn’t want more gun control.:  After all, the logic behind gun control is akin to trying to curb drunk driving by making it harder for sober people to buy cars.

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See also:: Detroit’s Police Chief: Don’t Want To Be A Crime Victim? Then Carry A Concealed Weapon.

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