Texas Store Owner’s Son Kills Armed Robber To Save Sister’s Life

What’s the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun? Why, a good guy with a gun. Everybody knows that but Democrats.

The Second Amendment is live and well!

Watch this video as a masked robber armed with a shotgun was lethally shot in southeast Houston after the store owner’s son engaged in a shootout with the robber to save his sister’s life.

Almost exactly one year ago Usman Seth was at his dad’s local store when the criminal armed with a shotgun came into the store and demanded that Seth’s sister give him all their cash. Seth’s dad gave his son the store handgun and rapidly shot the suspect in the leg.

The criminal was identified as Sam Abugalboush. Security cameras got the whole shootout on tape. Police arrived within 10 minutes but Abugalboush was pronounced dead at the scene. A grand jury later decided that Seth acted in self defense and no charges were pursued.

A post like this would be useless without video, we know. So naturally we have it…

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