Shameless: Harry Reid Continues “If You Like Your Insurance, You Can Keep It” Lie (Video)

Shameless: Harry Reid Continues “If You Like Your Insurance, You Can Keep It” Lie (Video)

You have got to see this:

“That was so damaging, a lot of people said, for the President to go and say that you will be able to keep your coverage if you like it. There were thousands of people who found out that wasn’t possible,” Gillan correctly pointed out. Reid’s response? “What he said was true. If you want to keep the insurance you have you can keep it.” Gillan seemed stunned. ”Ok.” Did Harry Reid just blatantly lie (again) on live television?

Yes. Yes, he did.

Millions have lost their insurance, but in Harry’s world, not really.

There’s only one other person I know who is a more shameless liar than this.

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Duane Lester

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