Good News: Wind Turbines Supposedly Making People Sick

Proponents of wind turbines say that this is all incidental and coincidental. Enough so that there is actually a medical condition name for it

(UK Daily Mail) It was Uplawmoor’s tranquility and wild beauty that drew civil servant Aileen Jackson to settle there 28 years ago.

She’d had enough of life in the big city. Now she wanted somewhere quiet and rural to start a family, keep her horses, and enjoy the magnificent views down the valley and out to sea to the western Scottish isles of Arran and Ailsa Craig.

Then, two years ago, she says, it all turned sour.

A neighbour with whom she and her family had been friends decided to take advantage of the massive public subsidies for ‘renewable’ energy.

He put up a 64ft-high wind turbine which, though on his own land, stood just 300 yards from the Jackson family’s home.

The sleepless nights caused by its humming were only the start of their problems. Far worse was the impact on their health.

Aileen, a diabetic since the age of 19, found her blood glucose levels rocketing — forcing her to take more insulin and causing her to develop a cataract, she says.

Her younger son, Brian, an outgoing, happy, academically enthusiastic young man, suddenly became a depressive, stopped seeing his friends and dropped out of his studies at college.

The husband saw his blood pressure skyrocket, which requires medication. He had previously had low blood pressure. But, the industry says this is all anecdotal. Can’t be real. But….

You would have to ignore the reports of doctors such as Australia’s Sarah Laurie, Canada’s Nina Pierpont and Britain’s Amanda Harry who have collated hundreds of such cases of Wind Turbine Syndrome.

And you’d have to reject the expertise of the acoustic engineers, sleep specialists, epidemiologists and physiologists who all testify that the noise generated by wind farms represents a major threat to public health.

There’s even a peer reviewed study from 2011 that shows that people suffer real health issues, similar to what would occur in workplaces from low frequency noise. And the wind turbines are noisy (not too mention the squawking of the birds that are killed.) And, rather than approach this issue calming, what do the Warmists do? They throw death threats at Dr. Laurie. They vandalize the property of those who are against the turbines.

Much of what the turbines create is called “infrasound”. Remember, environmentalists have protested against the US Navy many times, claiming their use of infrasound was causing mass beachings of whales and dolphins, and the ears of the cetaceans would often be bleeding, there would be issues in the bodies and brains. These were credible scientific reports from the environmentalists.

Not mentioned in the story, which is very long, too long to encapsulate in a single post (so read the whole thing), is the problem with the health issues caused be having the constant sun shadow flicker effect, which can cause headaches and migraines. Of course, there is too much money at stake in putting up these turbines, so, no one wants to deal with the health issues, plus, hey, what are the lives of people worth when we’re attempting to keep the planet from getting a fever, all for a negligible amount of power from turbines which blot the landscape, only work in certain conditions, and will soon be rusting hulks on concrete platforms?

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