Her Itchy Birthmark Exploded. What Was Underneath It? My GOD

Her Itchy Birthmark Exploded. What Was Underneath It? My GOD

This is horrific. This poor woman had on her forehead a birthmark that she had carried her whole life. She would know she was pregnant whenever it itched. It bothered her during the pregnancies of all four of her daughters. But when she got pregnant with her son, it got way out of hand. The mark started itching, swelling and pulsing. One day it literally burst her forehead open with blood and goo going everywhere. The doctors found out it was actually the tip of three benign tumors that had some cancerous cells. She waited until her son was born and then had it removed. Now she has a scar on her forehead, but she is tumor free. She now has five children and has decided to stop there… just in case.

Birth Mark

From Mad World News:

During a time that is meant to be joyous, a pregnant woman noticed a birthmark on her forehead began to get annoyingly itchy. She dismissed the occurrence as a symptom of pregnancy until it unexpectedly exploded. However, when she went to the doctors, they made a gruesome discovery and were horrified when they saw what was hidden beneath it.

Sam Davies had a slightly protruded birthmark on her forehead all her life. After she and her husband, Paul, had five children – four daughters named Kati, Amy, Lorna, and Kayla, and a son, Paul Jr. – it didn’t take long for her to realize that pregnancy had an effect on how her birthmark felt, causing it to swell and itch. However, things changed when she became pregnant with her son and the birthmark seemed to become enraged, swelling and pulsing like never before.

Though benign, since the tumors had some cancerous cells, they could have eventually killed this woman. It’s a good thing the doctors treated her when they did. If it had been me, I would have gone to a doctor long before she did. The pictures look like scenes from a horror movie. She looks like she went 10 rounds with a demon and lost. The pain and discomfort were tremendous for this woman the last two months while she waited for her son to be born. She couldn’t get them removed until then because of the risk to the child. I’m glad she’s okay now. What a nightmare.

Birth Mark1

Birth Mark2

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